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Dairy Free Truffle

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Introducing our delectable Dairy-Free Chocolate Truffles – a heavenly treat crafted for those with dietary restrictions without compromising on taste! Made with rich dairy-free dark chocolate and luxurious coconut cream, each truffle is a luscious indulgence that's sure to satisfy even the most discerning chocolate lover. Coated in our premium dark chocolate, these truffles boast a velvety smooth texture and a decadent flavor that will leave you craving more. Plus, they're so delicious, you'd never guess they're dairy-free!

While we take every precaution to ensure our Dairy-Free Chocolate Truffles remain dairy-free, please note that they are produced in a facility that also handles dairy-based products, which means there's a possibility of cross-contamination. If you have allergies or specific dietary concerns, please inform us when placing your order so we can take extra care to accommodate your needs.

With a box of 12 irresistible truffles, you'll have plenty to enjoy guilt-free or share with friends and family. Treat yourself to the indulgent pleasure of our Dairy-Free Chocolate Truffles today!