About Us

Chocolate Creator Gavin standing behind some chocolate swans, one is white choclate, one is milk chocolate there are also some truffles sitting in front of the swans

Gavin was born and raised in New Plymouth. After completing training both in the Royal New Zealand Air Force and Intercontinental Hotel in New Zealand he ventured to London. He  completed training at the Guilds of London and Westminster College. He also worked under the mentorship of the top pastry chiefs of the time in various high end hotels and patisseries throughout London and France.

  • Gavin enjoys taking a solid lump of high quality chocolate and creating something amazing with it. He produces original flavor combinations each of which is handmade and completely unique to that day. His passion is to ensure that everyone has a chocolate they enjoy that they can indulge in every day.

6 pictures in a grid. The left hand pictures top three male butchers ready to work, bottom the men at work. The middle top and bottom show the house and shop in the 1930's the right hand side top Gavin great uncle the butcher and bottom newspaper article

Gavin has opened a physical shop on St Aubyn Street, New Plymouth. This shop was originally built and run by his great uncle as a butcher shop in the 1930’s. It has been many things since then but is now back in the family as a place to relax and have a good coffee and delicious chocolate. 

Our online shop stocks most of Gavin’s wonderful truffles and tablettes. with more being added at regular intervals. If what you are looking for is not there please come in and see us or send us a message so we can add your idea to our growing range of handmade chocolates.