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Chocolate Tiki

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Chocolate type

Our carefully hand-moulded chocolate Tiki has simplified features of a carved Tiki in an edible form. This Tiki is available in any of our chocolate types. This is the perfect gift for someone visiting New Zealand or to send to loved ones who live abroad.

Did you know that Hei Tiki is the full name for what we call Tiki's. Hei meaning, "to wear around the neck" and Tiki meaning a large human carved figure. Hence the wearing of a tiki around the neck.

Hei Tiki's are usually carved from nephrite, a stone which is related to jade. It is known as pounamu in Maori or Green Stone in English.

Traditionally, the Maori Hei Tiki depicts a man with large, round eyes, in an aggressive stance with hands on thighs, and webbed feet. Though it is also believed that the hei-tiki represents the goddess of childbirth, Hineteiwaiwa.  The first hei tiki ever made, according to Maori mythology, was made for Hineteiwaiwa by her father.  And so today, it has come to represent fertility, and is often worn by a woman trying to conceive.